This film is the result of our journey to Brazil in November 2013.
We took a 8 day trip up to the north to meet Adrian Beholz and explore the area around Jericoacara and Camocim.
During this trip we met great people with whom we spend some time together we would like to share with you.

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We are having a collection of Windsurfgear in Germany during this spring and summer. after this we will bring the equipment over to Camocim. If you should own old Freetyle and high wind Freeride windsurfing gear for the kids from Camocim please get in touch with us to talk about a possible collection.
The Money you donate through the tip jar will be used to cover the shipping cost from Europe to Brasil
Thanks for supporting!

We hope you enjoy!

Martin Wickenhaeuser | www.martin-wickenhaeuser.de
Julian Robinet | www.julian-robinet.de

Julian Robinet

Ceyhun Gueney | ceyhungueney.de

Thanks for local support from Loick Spicher and Paulo Andrade as well as the family sousa.

Shot on Canon EOS 5D MK III RAW and Go Pro Hero 3


Adrian Beholz | Fanatic | Sailloft | Maui ultra fins
Hugo Sousa | RRD | Pousada windjeri
Jamilson de Souza | RRD | Pousada windjeri
José Santos | RRD | Pousada windjeri
Jeremy Pluess | Tabou | Gaastra
Marco Lufen | Patrick Diethelm Boards | Sailloft | Maui ultra fins | Chiemsee

Juca Chaves - take me back to Piau

Tom Zé - Lua-Gira-Sol

Ari Lobo - Praia de Irancem

Nana Vasconcelos - Ondas

Peter Power - Buffalo

Kalabrese (feat. Khan) - Desperate man

a no budget broken bloke Production 2014