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Brazil | Quick Trip

Took a short trip to brazil. Was great to see everybody and actually enjoy some time on the water. Got to show Cabeibusha at Club Ventos the other night. Thanks for having the movie!

Cabeibusha | Movie

It's online! Feel free to watch the trailer or even get the full movie.

Turkey | Bike tour

After finishing Cabeibusha I took a one week break and headed towards turkey.I have a strong connection with this country as It was the first really foreign country I ever travelled to and I'm impressed by the nature of the people.

I'm always irritated by the image my european and american friends have from turkey. I experienced it once more as one of the most warm hearted countries in the world with an hospitality I would have never experience somewhere else. Thank you beautiful people of turkey.


About one year ago Sarah approached me and Manu (Grafenauer) to shoot a movie together with her. Last week was the premiere. We did it. It was a true mission but in the end I'm happy and can't say more than I have learned during this project more than I would have thought.

Thanks for the support and everybody involved during this process. I would like to thank in particular Johannes Förster, Manuel Grafenauer, Luke Wolfgarten, Ceyhun Güney, Constantijn Lange, Lukas Jachemich and Martin Rux for helping me on this big project.

Portugal | smart June 2015

Shooting for smart Magazine in Lissabon thanks for the sweet blading by Rodrigo Braz Teixeira.